Is there anything in this that I might be allergic to?

There are ingredients some people may need to stay away from, including peanut butter and other nuts, coconut, vanilla extract or even dates and cayenne pepper. You can always read the ingredients label and err on the side of caution if you are worried

What is the local pickup option?

Local delivery is for those who want to order online but will be able to get the bars from me directly. In this case, it makes more sense to skip the shipping cost and just DM me on social media and we’ll talk about how we can get the bars to you.

What are the health benefits?

I made a video you can check out on my YouTube channel, but essentially every bar is packed with fat soluble vitamins and nutrients that are essential to maintaining a healthy gut, heart, and even brain (Your brain needs nutrients too! Show it some love!). The Cacao Bar and the Pomegranate bar are both packed with loads of antioxidants and the PB bar is full of more (very important) fat soluble nutrients.

What's with all the fat content?

The idea that all fat content in food is bad for you is an unfortunate fallacy that many people still believe, and it’s possible you may be one of those people yourself. A Harvard study showed that there are fats such as trans fat that have a negative effect on your health, fats from processed food like fast food and potato chips. However, there is also fat that is not only good for you, but necessary. These are fats such as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated and are necessary for proper body function, but your body is not able to produce on it’s own. That’s why B² Bars are packed full of these very fats that are integral to a healthy life.

Can I pay with a Credit Card or with PayPal?

Definitely! We have enabled PayPal payments, so you can use credit cards to order our products.