The B² Bars Collection

Peanut Butter

Your new favorite peanut butter snack is filled with natural fiber and essential fats!


Your new favorite chocolatey snack has tons of antioxidants and an amazing balance between a biting bitterness and a smooth sweetness!

Cherry Fig

One of the most unique bars you’ve ever had, this one is truly a cherry flavored masterpiece!


The oddly delicious flavor that you didn’t know you needed.


The best “minty” bar that you’ve ever tasted. And it’s made from real mint leaves!

Pumpkin Spice

Celebrate Fall by enjoying the newest limited time flavor: Pumpkin Spice!

9 Bar Mix

A mixed box of 9 bars that comes with guarenteed at least one of every flavor available! Perfect for new customers or those who can’t decide!

The story of B² Bars

B² Bars was an just idea I had in my head when I was 16 years old. I’m Brandon Baumet, the creator and owner of these healthy and unique snack bars. Energy bars certainly weren’t the first idea I had for a business, but once I explored the idea more, I loved it; I had to make it a reality.

The thing that really connected with me so much is that I am very health conscious and maybe more so just grossed out by things that are processed, filled with chemicals, and have loads of added sugar. I have come to take the saying “you are what you eat” very seriously, as I know exactly how I feel if I eat foods that I know are processed and artificial. That is to say, low energy and just blah. In contrast, when I eat natural foods I feel great! Pretty much exactly what you would expect.

We all prefer natural ingredients, we all prefer to buy food that we feel good eating. We know it too! That’s why there is such a health awareness wave sweeping the world right now! Not just in nutrition, but meditation, fitness, mental health, everything. It also is now common knowledge that the food pyramid is a total sham and things that are natural are more valuable than ever. This is why I knew starting B² Bars was the right move.

I knew B² Bars was the right move because I can feel where the world is moving, you can feel it too. The world is shifting towards better food. We learned the hard way about being ignorant to what we eat and now the tides have shifted. I knew I was building a business for the future of food culture.

I am very proud of what has been created with B² Bars. Every time that someone tells me they are excited about the bars, or they feel good about eating something that isn’t a mix of a hundred different preservatives, and it still tastes incredible, I am genuinely grateful. It is a humbling experience to be involved in something that I feel passionately about. I love hearing the positive things that people say about what I’ve created. It is my most sincere hope that all of you will find that same value from these bars and I can have the honor of providing that value to you!

You can follow this journey on Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram @brandonbaumet and also @bsquaredbars on Instagram

Thanks for supporting,
Brandon Baumet